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Certification does not refer to the state of legally being able to practice or work in a profession.  Usually, censurer is administered by a governmental entity for public protection purposes and a professional association administers certification. Li censure and certification are similar in that they both require the demonstration of a certain level of knowledge or ability.Another common type of certification in modern society is product certification. This refers to processes intended to determine if a product meets minimum standards, similar to quality assurance.

The academic and professional world makes very extensive use of credentials, such as diplomas, degrees, certificates, and certifications, in order to attest to the completion of specific training or education programs by students, to attest to their successful completion of tests and exams, and to provide independent validation of an individual’s possession of the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary to practice a particular occupation competently. (For example: Arun Paul MSW, MPHIL)

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